Art Reproduction and Printing Services

Occasionally we get asked by fellow artists and our friends to help them with reproducing their art or with high quality printing.  We have recently brought most of our printing services in-house and can now help you with many of the art reproduction and printing services often needed by busy artists.

Archival Inkjet Printing for Art Reproduction

We offer low-volume, high quality pigment inkjet prints in full color, toned black and white and grayscale.  Pigment inkjet prints are considered “archival” with a colorfastness potential exceeding traditional photographic printing materials.  We offer printing on three different papers, Ultra-Pro Satin for a traditional photo lab feel, Polar Matte-Archival with a “soft-white” printing surface for a maximum range of tones, and Aurora Art Natural (cotton fiber) with a natural white tone for those seeking the “fine-art” look for long term display.

Print sizes are available from 4” X 6” to 16” x 24”.   We use 17” roll paper stock so custom sizes up to 16 inches on a print’s shortest dimension are not a problem.  Below are the prices per print for the common print sizes.  Prints can be with or without borders as you desire.  Custom print size prices can be quoted on a case by case basis.



Images can be submitted “ready to print” as flattened .tif or high quality .jpg files.  They need to be color/distortion corrected and dimensioned/cropped to the desired size at a resolution of 360 dpi.  Minor dimensioning/cropping and/or color/distortion correction can be done for a one time $17 per image fee.

Those desiring to process and “soft proof” their own prints on their computers before printing can obtain the printer profiles we use at:

Digitizing Artwork

We can digitize both 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional artwork for printing for use on websites, in social media, in advertising, archival use and for juried artwork submissions.


Scanning:  Flat artwork up to 8.5″ x 11″ (letter size) can be scanned on our high quality flatbed photo scanner.  Photo negatives and transparencies can be dual lens scanned in the same scanner for high quality output.  You will receive a high quality 16-bit .tif file in proPhoto RGB color space.  Print scans will be 600 dpi full sized files.  Film scans will be 2400+ dpi.  Most scan files will be 200-500 MB in size.

Photography:  Flat artwork too large for the scanner or 3 dimensional artwork can be photographed for reproduction or digital use.  Please contact us for estimated costs.  Costs are based on travel time, studio set up time and a $100/hr base studio fee.  After set up we can usually take 4-6 high quality pictures/hr

Post-Production Processing (aka “PhotoShop Time”):  We can post-process your images to color correct, retouch, correct distortion, remove objects, etc; for our base workstation fee of $67/hr.

Photo Restoration

We can restore old photographs for historical or sentimental occasions.  Photo restoration can be simple or advanced.

    • Simple restoration:  flatbed scan, minor color correction, minor dust/scratch repair and 1 print up to 8” x 10” in size: $67
    • Advanced restoration:  per estimate based on scan fee, post-processing fees and printing fees.  Sorry, we cannot restore damage to eyes.

 Sorry, due to cultural issues we cannot “rebuild” eyes using a separate image.  We can only do minor corrections such as red eye removal or removal of reflections.  

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