The Barry K

The Barry K

Registry:  223498

Built:  1923 at Linnton, OR by Supple and Martin     Tonnage:  581 (442 registered tonnage)

Hull Length:  160 ft   Hull Beam:  35.8 ft    Draft:  5.9 ft      Decks:  4

Service on Yukon River:  1943 to 1947

Originally owned by Oregon-Washington R.R. & Navigation Co. (Union Pacific R.R.). Sold to Western Transportation Co. in 1940. Wrecked in 1941 and repaired.  Sold to the US Army in 1943 to service Army airfields in Alaska.  Purchased by the Alaska Railroad in 1944. Retired in 1947. Broken up in 1950.

This picture surprised me.  The picture had no caption or note.  The vessel was identified by zooming in on the name painted on the stern.  The Barry K was only mentioned in passing by my father and the old timers.  They must not have been very fond of it.  Even one of the pilots on the boat only mentions it as an aside (  However, it is mentioned in several reports about the Alaska Railroad steamers.    To read more: