The Steamer Nenana

The Steamer Nenana

Registry:  none

Built:  1933 at Nenana, Alaska by Berg Shipbuilding Co     Tonnage:  1128

Hull Length:  210 ft     Hull Beam:  42 ft    Draft:  3.5 ft     Decks:  5

Powered by:  Wood, converted to oil 1948     Service:  1933 to 1954

Purchased new.  Hull stiffened winter of 1933-34.  Leased to Yutana Barge Lines 1954-1955.  Purchased by business men in Fairbanks, AK for Hotel/Restaurant in 1956.  Sailed from Nenana to Fairbanks in May 1957.  Set up as display for Alaska Purchase Centennial in 1967.  Moved and restored for permanent display 1978 to 1990.  Registered on the National Register of Historic Places 1988.  Re-dedicated 1992   To read more: